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Over 5 years now, B&D is our loyal supplier for trainings in soft skills and time management.B&D is working tailor made for all our trainings as our employees - active in clinical research - are working in such a specific environment.The 2 days communication skills – immersion training is a real success. Almost all our junior employees had this training. It is not only about the communication styles; the trainer will make you search for your own communication style and give you tools to practice and to improve your communication skills. After the first day already, the participants are able to apply what they have learned. During the second day experiences and successes are shared to further build on.

Also our in company training time and stress management is tailor made. In the preparation phase the trainer has an intake interview to analyze the needs and expectations of the participants. This results in an almost hands on training where diaries, tasks and barriers are examined and approached! Moreover, one will look on how some of the tips and tricks also can be applied in the daily life of the participants to positively influence their work-life balance. During the follow-up the participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences. Difficult situations that did not go well will be further looked at to see how to go about it in a different way to make them a success!

B&D is also specialized in personal coaching. During a coaching trajectory the coach and coachee will determine some clear action plans / personal growth plan to find his/her way (back) to an efficient working method.

Many thanks to B&D for so much expertise!
Hilde Bex, Training Manager of Valesta
Every year we appeal to B&D for our soft skills trainings (open sessions). The B&D trainers are real experts. Per course we offer both a Dutch and French session.To ensure the long term effectiveness of the trainings the participants receive monthly reminders by e-mail. B&D is doing this very precisely. The practical organization is going perfect, they stick to all agreements and the syllabi/training manuals are delivered in time.
Sylvia Dekeyzer, Personeelsontwikkeling - Développement du personnel of Audi Brussels SA/NV
Argenta is growing, and both the number of employees as the quality/service of the Argenta bank network and head office are increasing too. For several years now we organize trainings with B&D to develop the leadership skills/competencies of our bankers and management. The trainers of B&D are closely involved in the preparation phase, they integrate Argenta’s particular instruments in their trainings, they make sure of an in-depth program, and their courses are approached in a highly active and interactive manner. After the training the results will be discussed and we receive immediate formal and informal feedback of the trainer. The trainings are highly appreciated by the Argenta bank network and the employees of the head office.
Jonathan Cops, Responsible L&D - Bank Network of Argenta
A few years ago, B&D became the regular partner for the soft skills training programs organized by the European Center for Clinical Research Training (www.eccrt.com). Our participants are always full of praise for the trainers, their approach and the way they deliver the training. The collaboration with B&D works smoothly and in a pleasant atmosphere.
Veerle Bultinck, Training Coordinator of ECCRT
Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen organizes some 100 free classes for anyone working in the hospitality business ( Joint Sectoral Committee 302). As we want to give our trainees the best possible chance to succeed, we rely on the expertise of external training companies, such as B&D. It also matters to us that that these companies should have an affinity with the hospitality business, because we want these training programs to be as close as possible to the professional environment of the participants. As such, B&D is our valued partner in the delivery of communication training. There is no doubt in our minds that our trainees are in expert hands when taking a B&D training course!
Evi De Cock, Consultant of Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen
At Tempo-Team, we consider that training is essential. Our staff is very much aware of the necessity of training in order to grow, and they are on the asking end. Obviously, the choice of a training partner is very important to us. Success stands or falls with the quality of the contact and the trainers. For many years now, B&D has been our reliable training partner. They deliver both sales skills training for our consultants and people management skills training for our office managers. Participant’s evaluations are full of praise: “interesting, instructive, gripping, inspiring, immediately applicable, interactive, everyone should take this training, more of the same please’. The relationship is excellent and people at B&D are flexible. Keep up the good work, B&D!
Annelies Ceulemans, Training Manager of Tempo-Team
Belfius Insurance relies on B&D to deliver a wide range of training courses. These courses are very successful, a direct result of the professionalism displayed by project advisors and trainers alike. A good preparation is the key to success, and B&D, you are definitely very good at preparing the training. You listen to us, you understand our expectations and you find us the right trainer with the right skills. Because your trainers translate our business needs into practical tips and tricks, our trainees can immediately tackle their own business cases. As such, participant involvement is very high. Highly recommended, for all organizational levels!
Petra Schyvynck, HR People Development of Belfius Insurance
Since many years, Antargaz Belgium NV regularly calls upon B&D to train our staff. Both the bespoke courses, such as ‘People Management Training’ and the ‘open training courses” are received enthusiastically by our staff. Our people very much appreciate the personalized approach and the know-how of the B&D trainers. B&D stands for thorough preparation, interactivity during the sessions and last but not least, a close follow-up during and after the training period.
Marleen Mertens, HR Assistant of Antargaz Belgium
Since several years, B& D is our trusted training partner, on whom we rely to develop personal development training programs for our staff. Some of these programs are intended for our new hires and are part of the Sogeti Academies. There, we alternate in-house technical training with soft skills training by B&D: communication skills, presentation skills and preparing intakes. We also offer a wide range of training programs to our more senior staff: consecutive courses that together make up an individually designed career development path. B&D gears its training solutions to the specific needs of our IT staff and reflects with us on how to make our training offer even better. B&D regularly assesses their solutions and makes suggestions to fine-tune courses. We feel the evaluations by our staff are always taken to heart. In the meantime, the B&D trainers have become familiar faces. B&D trainers are flexible and show a keen interest in the participants. Their approach suits the audience and meets the needs of our organization.
An Brosens, HR Manager of Sogeti Belgium
Since 2008 Puratos works with much satisfaction with B&D for "Presentation skills" and tailor-made courses "Train the Trainer". Participants do very appreciate the interaction, the practicals, the dynamism and the professionalism of the teachers. It is for us important to train our trainers to a multicultural audience.
Véronique Debremaeker, Coordinator of Puratos