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B&D specializes in tailor-made training programs and we carry this a step further in our coaching offer.

What is coaching?
Coaching involves one-on-one sessions during which our coach helps your staff member to grow and implement new skills. Coaching works with all aspects of the coachee’s goals and challenges.
Various topics may be covered, but the focus is always on what the coachee wants to achieve. The coachee reflects on specific work situations, with the coach offering a different perspective. As such, the coachee acquires new insights into the relational and organizational aspects of his job. The personal approach and synergy between coach and coachee creates momentum and helps the latter to improve his personal effectiveness and to accomplish more in his personal and professional life.

Basic philosophy of coaching
  • In-depth preparation: an accurate knowledge about the coachee and his goals is essential. How does the coachee perceive his job and what are the challenges and the obstacles he faces?
  • Respect: the coachee’s wellbeing always comes first. The relationship between coach and coachee is one of mutual respect and complete trust. As such, a perfect match between coach and coachee is very important.
  • Active participation: the coach engages the coachee through a process of active participation and accountability. Authentic ownership from the side of the coachee is the key to success.
  • Appraisal: during and after the coaching, there are regular appraisals to ensure continued growth and lasting results. The coach adapts to the coachee’s changing needs and measures progress. An action list is prepared, and action points are discussed during the next session, to ensure the coachee remains motivated to reflect on new insights and apply these in his daily practice.
  • Follow-up: both during and after the coaching program, the coach remains available to answer the coachee’s questions by phone or by e-mail.

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