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Over 5 years now, B&D is our loyal supplier for trainings in soft skills and time management.B&D is working tailor made for all our trainings as our employees - active in clinical research - are working in such a specific environment.The 2 days communication skills – immersion training is a real success. Almost all our junior employees had this training. It is not only about the communication styles; the trainer will make you search for your own communication style and give you tools to practice and to improve your communication skills. After the first day already, the participants are able to apply what they have learned. During the second day experiences and successes are shared to further build on.

Also our in company training time and stress management is tailor made. In the preparation phase the trainer has an intake interview to analyze the needs and expectations of the participants. This results in an almost hands on training where diaries, tasks and barriers are examined and approached! Moreover, one will look on how some of the tips and tricks also can be applied in the daily life of the participants to positively influence their work-life balance. During the follow-up the participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences. Difficult situations that did not go well will be further looked at to see how to go about it in a different way to make them a success!

B&D is also specialized in personal coaching. During a coaching trajectory the coach and coachee will determine some clear action plans / personal growth plan to find his/her way (back) to an efficient working method.

Many thanks to B&D for so much expertise!
Hilde Bex, Training Manager of Valesta