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Since several years, B& D is our trusted training partner, on whom we rely to develop personal development training programs for our staff. Some of these programs are intended for our new hires and are part of the Sogeti Academies. There, we alternate in-house technical training with soft skills training by B&D: communication skills, presentation skills and preparing intakes. We also offer a wide range of training programs to our more senior staff: consecutive courses that together make up an individually designed career development path. B&D gears its training solutions to the specific needs of our IT staff and reflects with us on how to make our training offer even better. B&D regularly assesses their solutions and makes suggestions to fine-tune courses. We feel the evaluations by our staff are always taken to heart. In the meantime, the B&D trainers have become familiar faces. B&D trainers are flexible and show a keen interest in the participants. Their approach suits the audience and meets the needs of our organization.
An Brosens, HR Manager of Sogeti Belgium